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Welcome to the Tropical & Coldwater Aquariums FAQ's

Why is there a lot of algae in my tank?

There are three main reasons for this happening

1. The aquarium is situated near or opposite a natural source of sunlight, like

a window or patio door.

2. The illumination in the aquarium is switched on longer than


3. There is a build up of algae promoting nutrients in the aquarium.

We suggest the following:

Firstly, the aquarium should only be placed in the home, ( not a

conservatory) in a place where there is no direct sunlight.

Secondly, you should only ever illuminate the aquarium for approximatly 7

hours a day.

Finally, you should conduct regular aquarium water testing so you are able

to monitor both nutrients and toxins and deal with them in the manner your specialist advises.

Why does my tank keep going cloudy?

there are several reasons for this happening

1. There is a large amount of nutrients in the water

2. There is a large amount of Toxin (Ammonia) in the water, this will also

have an unpleasant odour.

3.You have just cleaned your filter using tap water.

4.You are possibly over feeding the fish in the aquarium.

Please note that all of the above reasons are usually associated to one

another and is dependant to where in the chain of events you have cought


We suggest the following:

Well, the first thing you should do is test the water and do a partial water

change, approximatly 25% at a time, irrelevant of the test results.

Secondly, you should never clean any of your filter equipment or media in

tap water, it is sound advice to clean or rinse out any filter materials in the

aquarium water you have removed in doing a water change, the core reason

for this is basically, all the bacteria needed to keep a healthy balance in the

aquarium, live in the filter material, and tap water contains chlorine, which

kills such bacteria.

Thirdly, in conjunction with the above advise, you should cut down the feeding

for a couple of days, this will not harm the fish in any way.

Why dont i have a lot of luck with plants?

There are several reasons for unsucccessful Plant keeping:


1. No suitable food for plants in the aquarium.


2. No suitable lighting for plants.


3. Some fish are unsuitable for planted aquariums.


We have found that some or all of these reasons have been found in aquariums.
We suggest the following:
You can obtain many different plant foods, but it is essential that you dose such products carefully in your aquarium, as over dosing will encourage algae growth. When you first start an aquarium, it is wise to consider placing first layer laterite down, before you put the gravel in, this will ensure the plants get a good start in your aquarium.
Along with the feeding of the plants, it is important to ensure you have adequate lighting, many different manufacturer's flourescent tubes are rated for this purpose, ask for more information.
Sometimes you have purchased a fish which will destroy all plant life, common examples include fish like Cichlids.

Why, when i add new fish, a few die, but my old ones always seem ok?

Here are a few of the more common reasons for this happening:

1. Nitrite content in the aquarium is to high.

2. Water changes are not being done regularly.

Both of these reasons are linked to each other, older fish in your aquarium build up a resistance to Nitrite, so do not appear to suffer any build up of this chemical.
We suggest the following:
The first thing you need to do is test the water, you will find there is a high level of Nitrite, what you need to do then is a 25% water change, we do recommend you do regular water changes, once a week, and at least 10% each time. This will dilute the Nitrite content in the aquarium, and also help with the climatisation of new fish in the aquarium.

Why not try watching some of our instructional videos!

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