Looking for aquarium or pond supplies? Visit Woodford Aquatics in London – the home of tropical and freshwater fish.



We stock a wide range of tropical fish ranging from tetras and guppies to more unusual species such as Mbu puffers. We get deliveries from all over the world, meaning you have a fantastic choice in which fish to get for your aquarium.


Freshwater fish have always been popular, we sell a wide range including standard and fancy goldfish, through to rice fish. We have freshwater fish suitable for both indoor aquariums and outdoor ponds.


Whether you have just started out or you are an experienced aquarist, we have a large selection of fish tanks for sale, aquariums, plants, aquarium decorations and other fish tank accessories.


Woodford Aquatics sells everything you need to set up a pond and can also set up your pond and maintain it if you would like us to; it’s all part of the service.


Woodford Aquatics was established in 1983 and has been under the same owner since 4th August 1997. With our three friendly highly experienced staff, between us having 66-years of knowledge, we aim to help identify and solve any problems you may have with your fish and setup; whatever the size of your tank.

With over 13,000 litres in tanks and 14,000 litres in ponds it allows us to stock a wide range of tropical fish from guppies to tetras as well as more unusual fish like Mbu puffers and freshwater stingrays to name a couple. We also stock a wide range of cold water fish from standard and fancy goldfish to rice fish etc. We have several deliveries a week from all over the world to ensure we have the wide range of fish we aim to stock. We also have a large range of pond fish such as koi, goldfish, sturgeon, tench, grass carp and orfe. We also stock a wide range of marginal plants, floating plants, lilies and elodea.

If you are looking to set up an aquarium, we have a wide range of tanks in varying sizes and shapes from Fluval, Fish R Fun and Juwel. We can also get made to measure tanks if you have something specific in mind. We sell a wide range of ornaments, gravel and background allowing you to create the look you want. We can also install and maintain your aquarium, just get in touch for details. If you are building a pond we have everything you will need from liner and underlay, filter systems, pumps for water or air, UV units, lighting, pipes and connections just to name a few.


- GinaTa

“Went back to this shop for advice regarding a fish I got somewhere else. They were more than happy to help and didn’t try to sell me anything which I thought they might do, in fact they offered to test my water for free. Amazing staff and great fun shop. Definitely worth a look around at least.”

- Gem Tam

“Lovely helpful and knowledgeable staff. I have been going to Woodford Aquatics for years now, and always appreciate the time they take to advise me regarding my aquarium. They have always been very patient and professional, and my children love going there to see the fish and turtles.”

- SarahW-2802

“Excellent experience… staff really know their stuff. Happy to answer questions, give advice and spend time discussing what I wanted.

Shop has a great selection of fish, plants and accessories, definitely worth a visit.”